Gunblood Cheats – Best Cheats For Gunblood Unblocked 2018 [Updated]

Gunblood Cheats – Cheats for gunblood Updated


Face some of the fastest weapons launchers in the world and kill them all. Use the gunblood cheats and gunblood hacked codes to improve your chances and stay alive longer.

Your mission in this online gun game is to become the most feared gunman by overcoming all shooters in one-on-one weapons matches with gunblood unblocked. Draw your weapon as fast as possible with cheats for gunblood and kill your opponent before he kills you. Point to the head. Survive the nine rounds to win the game using gunblood cheats unblocked.

How to play

To start a duel, point YOUR MOUSE across the gun barrel. When the countdown reaches click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Enjoy!

Cheats for gunblood

GunBlood Cheats

Type these gunblood codes into the “CHEAT” box found on the character select screen.

  • NOHIT = invincibility
  • MOREAMMO = infinite ammo (note: need to shoot assistant in bonus rounds in order to play)
  • POINTER = add laser pointer to the gun
  • FASTFIRE = click and shoot faster


Level Codes:

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GunBlood 2 Cheats

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